Kindergarten Dwerkaten Luetjensee

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Grundschule Luetjensee Luetjensee

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Nov 2023 
Collaboration TU Berlin (Habitat Unit) Vorschau

Nov 2023 Collaboration TU Berlin (Habitat Unit)

In a partnership with Habitat-Unit from TU Berlin and Ein Shams University in Cairo, we hosted a delegation of scholars and professionals at our office. Jan Braker and Bedour Braker delivered a presentation which provided insights into our strategies for incorporating sustainability into our projects. The presentation was followed by a guided tour with Jan Braker of the urban areas in Hamburg that align with the workshop's objectives. This collaborative initiative is made possible through the support of DAAD and is anticipated to span three years, from 2023 to 2026.

Nov 2023 
Collaboration TU Berlin (Habitat Unit) Vorschau

Nov 2023 Collaboration TU Berlin (Habitat Unit)

As part of the workshop conducted in collaboration with Habitat-Unit at TU Berlin, Jan Braker joined the team from Ein Shams University in Cairo to visit the architectural office ZRS Architektur. Prof. Andrea Klinge from ZRS led an in-depth tour of their sustainable building techniques and provided a glimpse into their specialized laboratory for crafting their own bricks.

Nov 2023
Pecha Kucha
London-Street Space Vorschau

Nov 2023 Pecha Kucha London-Street Space

Dr. Bedour Braker has received an invitation to deliver a Pecha Kucha presentation at the book launch event for 'Everyday Streets: Embracing Inclusive Perspectives on Street Analysis and Design' in London. During this event, Dr. Braker will explore the contents of her chapter, which delves into an in-depth examination of two contentious streets within a Hamburg neighborhood. Over a span of three years, she has conducted a meticulous examination of these streets, revealing a striking contrast in terms of their traditions and levels of mutual acceptance, despite their physical proximity.

Oct 2023 Public Lecture Archinet

We're thrilled to share that Dr. Bedour Braker is scheduled to present a public lecture in October as a featured speaker at the 4th Arab Architecture Week 2023, which is being hosted by Archinet on the Zoom platform. Dr. Braker's talk will explore the evolving German policy landscape concerning the redefinition of educational institutions and their integral role in community development. The lecture will also delve into our architectural designs at Jan Braker Architekt, which tackle various societal challenges and underscore the significance of involving the community in decision-making. This conference is open to the public, providing an accessible opportunity for everyone to engage with these critical discussions.

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Sept 2023 Collaboration TU Berlin (Habitat Unit)

In an exciting collaboration, our office is teaming up with TU Berlin-Habitat Unit, ZRS, and Stadt+Dorf, as well as various partners in Egypt, for an ambitious academic and practical initiative. The primary objective of this project is to foster the exchange of knowledge between higher education institutions and environmentally conscious urban enterprises in the realm of 'Green Cities,' with a specific emphasis on Egypt. This groundbreaking venture, named 'Towards Green(er) Egyptian Cities: Advancing People-Centered, Practice-Oriented Urban Education,' is funded by DAAD Praxispartnerschaften Afrika 2023-2026.

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A new member in our team Vorschau

A new member in our team

We are delighted to announce the newest addition to our team at Jan Braker Architekt – Magdalena Gauden from Poland. Fresh from completing her studies at the Bartlett School of Architecture-UK, she brings a wealth of fresh perspectives, innovative ideas, and a passion for design excellence. Her fresh insights will contribute to our ongoing commitment to architectural innovation. 

Aug 2023
Community hall in Lägerdorf
Building permit Vorschau

Aug 2023 Community hall in Lägerdorf Building permit

We are thrilled to announce that the building permit for our latest endeavor, the community hall in Lägerdorf, has been granted!

Jun 2023
School Holm
Inauguration Vorschau

Jun 2023 School Holm Inauguration

We celebrated the inaugration of our new project in Holm, which was met with widespread appreciation and praise. Our concept was to create a "market hall" space, where classrooms encircle a spacious area adorned with bright skylights. On special occasions, this multipurpose space can be also utilized as a community hall for various celebrations.

Jun 2023
School Lütjensee
Inauguration Vorschau

Jun 2023 School Lütjensee Inauguration

We celebrated the inauguration of our school project in Lütjensee by Jan Braker Architekt. The attendees were delighted with the results, as we successfully merged our new extension with the old existing building. Our design established expansive flexible areas for learning and various activities. Following the inauguration, everyone relished the sunshine while having fun during the summer festival in the schoolyard.

Jun 2023 Kindergarten Dwerkaten Inauguration

The inauguration of kindergarten Dwerkaten, located in an industrial area within the municipality of Lütjensee, was celebrated with great enthusiasm. Parents and their children gathered at the event, where they were warmly received by teachers. The festivities took place on a sunny day, offering the opportunity to engage in both indoor and outdoor activities. Esteemed guests, including the deputy mayor, authorities, and politicians, were also present to address the community and mark the beginning of the building's utilization.

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Jun 2023
School Bickbargen
Inauguration Vorschau

Jun 2023 School Bickbargen Inauguration

We celebrated the inauguration of the school Bickbargen. The 50-year-old school was substantially extended, received a complete refurbishment and a new school yard design. The project lasted 11 years from the first investigations to completion and is a perfect example how the lifespan of existing buildings can be prolonged, the history and memories of generations of users preserved and vital energy saved by avoiding a new structure.