Heinrich Eschenburg School Holm

Domplatz in Hamburg Hamburg

Bickbargen primary school Halstenbek

Kindergarten Dwerkaten Luetjensee

Who owns the street? The cases of Lange Reihe and Steindamm in Hamburg UCL Press

Kindergarten Lohe-Rickelshof Lohe-Rickelshof

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Community Centre Vorschau

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Afrikahaus Hamburg

Trittau School Trittau

TU Berlin Chemical Invention Factory Vorschau

TU Berlin Chemical Invention Factory Berlin

Kindergarten Muensterdorf Muensterdorf

School Rugenbergen Boenningstedt

Heinrich Eschenburg School Holm

Kindergarten Dueneberg Geesthacht

Grundschule Luetjensee  Vorschau

Grundschule Luetjensee Luetjensee

Bunkers in Hamburg as symbols of a dark heritage University of Birmingham

Johann Rist School Wedel

Jul 2024 Paper Acceptance Chania, Greece

In collaboration with Prof. Iordanis Stilidis and Dr. Heba Hussein, Dr. Bedour Braker's shared paper has been accepted for presentation at the UMAR conference in Chania, Greece. Their research (COMMON GROUND – COLLECTIVE PERSPECTIVES: A series of initiatives for social-spatial reforms) stemming from transformative workshops across several Mediterranean cities, explores innovative urban revitalization strategies and fosters a rich network of academic and cultural exchange.

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Jun 2024 BauNetz Architekten

We are happy to be invited to join the BauNetz Architekten community! You can now explore many of our projects and publications displayed on their esteemed platform. 

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Mai 2024 Kalzip Awards

We're thrilled to share with you that our project, ASB Bachlinge Kindergarten in Lütjensee, has been nominated for the "Schönste Architektur" category in the KALZIP Architecture Award 2024! But we can't win without YOUR support! Please vote for ASB Bachlinge Kindergarten- Jan Braker Architekt, and show your support. Plus, don't forget to check out our office, Jan Braker Architekt, among the list of esteemed nominees! Every vote counts, Click the link below to cast your vote now.

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Apr 2024 Award Holzbauzentrum Nord

Our office was awarded a special prize by Holzbauzentrum for our project “Kindergarten ASB Bachlinge” in Lütjensee. Among 41 projects coming from both Hamburg and Schleswig Holstein, our design was selected for the Special Prize category. The kindergarten was finished in 2022 and we are happy with the outcome and the feedback from its users. It accommodates around 100 children and is embraced by a picturesque setting with sweeping views of the hilly landscape surrounding it, which was the main inspiration during the design process. This project succeeded because of a constructive collaboration with the amazing client of Lütjensee’s municipality, the skilled engineers and the committed contractors, this team made the design come true. We also want to express our gratitude to the Holzbauzentrum for honoring us with this esteemed award.

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Apr 2024
Lägerdorf Vorschau

Apr 2024 Groundbreaking Lägerdorf

This week, Jan Braker, along with a select group of invitees, attended the groundbreaking event for the construction of Germany's first "climate-neutral" cement plant at the Holcim cement plant Lägerdorf near Itzehoe, Schleswig-Holstein. The event featured insightful presentations by Federal Minister of Economics Habeck (Greens) and Prime Minister Günther (CDU), who emphasized the numerous sustainable benefits of this big-scale project in comparison to the traditional ways of producing cement. Our office was responsible in designing some segments in the whole complex.

Jan 2024
IASTE & Riyadh Region Municipality
Conference Vorschau

Jan 2024 IASTE & Riyadh Region Municipality Conference

In January 2024, Dr. Bedour Braker was invited by the IASTE committee to present a paper at a conference jointly organized by Riyadh Region Municipality and the College of Architecture and Planning at King Saud University in Saudi Arabia. The conference, held from January 5th to 9th, focused on topics related to its overarching theme: "The Dynamism of Tradition," exploring the dynamic reinterpretation of the past within contemporary contexts and its implications for the future. Dr. Braker's paper, titled "Colonial Echoes: Investigating the Lingering Effects of the German Empire in Africa on Hamburg’s Built Environment," was among the contributions. Additionally, she particpated as a session chair for the discussion on "Design Influences."

Dec 2023
Mühlau School Inauguration Vorschau

Dec 2023 Mühlau School Inauguration

The Mühlau school in Trittau marked its inauguration in December, hosting school teachers, students, and parents for the celebratory event. Inspired by the festive spirit of the month, the school administration organized a Christmas market, allowing children to showcase their handcrafted products for sale in their new classrooms. The schoolyard was paked with activity and music as crowds gathered, accompanied by the warmth of waffles and bonfires, lending a special ambiance to the occasion.

Dec 2023 Paper Acceptance

The latest paper by Dr. Bedour Braker has been accepted for publication in the Working Papers Series (WPS) 2024- IASTE, and scheduled for presentation at the IASTE conference in Riyadh in January 2024. The conference theme, "The Dynamism of Tradition," perceives tradition as an active process that reinterprets the past within the contemporary context and looks towards the future. Dr. Braker's paper delves into the succinct yet significant history of German colonialism in Africa. Entitled "Colonial Echoes: Examining the Lasting Impact of the German Empire in Africa on Hamburg's Architectural Landscape," it investigates the enduring influence of this historical period on the architectural fabric of Hamburg.

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Nov 2023 
Collaboration TU Berlin (Habitat Unit) Vorschau

Nov 2023 Collaboration TU Berlin (Habitat Unit)

In a partnership with Habitat-Unit from TU Berlin and Ein Shams University in Cairo, we hosted a delegation of scholars and professionals at our office. Jan Braker and Bedour Braker delivered a presentation which provided insights into our strategies for incorporating sustainability into our projects. The presentation was followed by a guided tour with Jan Braker of the urban areas in Hamburg that align with the workshop's objectives. This collaborative initiative is made possible through the support of DAAD and is anticipated to span three years, from 2023 to 2026.

Nov 2023 
Collaboration TU Berlin (Habitat Unit) Vorschau

Nov 2023 Collaboration TU Berlin (Habitat Unit)

As part of the workshop conducted in collaboration with Habitat-Unit at TU Berlin, Jan Braker joined the team from Ein Shams University in Cairo to visit the architectural office ZRS Architektur. Prof. Andrea Klinge from ZRS led an in-depth tour of their sustainable building techniques and provided a glimpse into their specialized laboratory for crafting their own bricks.

Nov 2023
Pecha Kucha
London-Street Space Vorschau

Nov 2023 Pecha Kucha London-Street Space

Dr. Bedour Braker has received an invitation to deliver a Pecha Kucha presentation at the book launch event for 'Everyday Streets: Embracing Inclusive Perspectives on Street Analysis and Design' in London. During this event, Dr. Braker will explore the contents of her chapter, which delves into an in-depth examination of two contentious streets within a Hamburg neighborhood. Over a span of three years, she has conducted a meticulous examination of these streets, revealing a striking contrast in terms of their traditions and levels of mutual acceptance, despite their physical proximity.