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Jan Braker Architect is an office for architecture, urban development and design in Hamburg. We develop solutions for the most diverse tasks. Each project is perceived as a welcome challenge to realize tailor-made proposals in close collaboration with clients and users.

Completed projects range from the design of the foyer of the Hanover University of Music and Theatre, numerous kindergartens, schools and housing projects to complex reconfigurations in listed buildings. The office can also look back on many years of international experience in the planning and realization of large-scale transport projects, shopping centers, cultural and office buildings.

The projects are dealt with intensively with selected experts and construction companies. The individual requirements for each project are defined in the thorough handling of technical and design topics.

The joy of the development and implementation of concepts for space and material is the driving force for our work, which is accompanied by the examination of cultural questions and collaborations with international planners and institutions.


Jan Braker

Jan Braker studied architecture at the TU Berlin and the Carleton University in Ottawa, Canada.

After graduating, he went to London to work for Ian Ritchie Architects. During his ten-year stay, he had the opportunity to work on the planning and realization of projects of the most varied size, from a shopping center with several rapid transit stations in the center of London, a subway line in Singapore to a theater workshop in Plymouth. Jan Braker was also responsible for the implementation of the conversion and extension of the office of Ian Ritchie Architects, in which the experience of an architectural office known for its high technical and aesthetic requirements was incorporated.

In 2008 he went back to his birthplace of Hamburg and began to build his own office. Initially in partnership and from 2011 as the sole managing director of Jan Braker Architect, projects with the focus on education but also in other areas were continuously worked on. The work on the realization of now more than ten kindergartens allowed gaining wide-ranging experiences in an area open for unusual approaches.

In addition to his work as a practicing architect, Jan Braker also held a position as lecturer at the University of Greenwich, London, from 2007 to 2011, where he conducted a diploma design seminar. In 2011, he conducted a design seminar at the MSA University in Cairo in which the city centre of Cairo was investigated.

seit 2001 ARB (Architects' Registration Board, GB)
seit 2008 HAK (Hamburgische Architektenkammer)
seit 2017 RIBA (Royal Institute of British Architects, GB)
1997 Diplom bei Prof. Kees Christiaanse und Prof. Matthias Sauerbruch
1994-95 Architekturstudium Carleton University, Ottawa, Kanada
1990-97 Architekturstudium Technische Universität Berlin
1988-89 Zivildienst als Rettungssanitäter
1987 Abitur in Hamburg
seit 2011 Jan Braker Architekt, Hamburg
2009-11 Partner, Birkholz Leiner Braker Architekten, Hamburg
1998-08 Projekt Architekt, Ian Ritchie Architects, London
  Ausgewählte Projekte:
  Headquarters Lord David Sainsbury, London
  ZEBEDE Tasklight, Hamburg & London
  Workshop Building Ian Ritchie Architects, London
  Shepherd’s Bush Tube Station, London
  West London Line Station, London
  Southern Interchange, London
  Wood Lane Tube Station, London
  Office Building Ian Ritchie Architects, London
  Theatre Royal Plymouth, London
  Danish Radio, Kopenhagen
  Marina Tube Line, Singapur
  White City Shopping Centre, London
2017 Tutor, Workshop Lake Kerkini, Greece
2011 Lehrauftrag, MSA University, Kairo
2007-11 Lehrauftrag, Diploma School, University of Greenwich, London
2003 Gastkritiker, Entwurf, University of East London
2001-04 Gastkritiker, Entwurf & Theorie, Bartlett School of Architecture, London
2000 Baukonstruktiver Berater, University of Greenwich, London
1999-01 Gastkritiker, Entwurf, University of Greenwich, London
1992-94 Tutor, Entwurf und Baukonstruktion, Technical University of Berlin

Dr Bedour Braker

Dr. Bedour Braker is an Egyptian architect and researcher based in Germany since 2013. Her BSc, MSc and PhD in Architecture & Urban Planning were received from Cairo University in the years 2001, 2007 and 2012. Defying privatization of public spaces, her doctoral dissertation emphasized the importance of redefining the role of academic spaces as inclusive spaces in subjoining a variety of communal activities not just education.

In addition to teaching at several universities during her thirteen years of academic experience, Dr.Braker arranged many collaborations between Egyptian and European universities, targeting problematic societal issues within the urban fabric of Egypt. This involved annual students exchange; several visits to different European cities; and teaming-up with local and international experts in order to find possible strategies that would enhance the intricate situation in some chosen areas as pilot case-studies. From 2004 till 2013 she was responsible of establishing a long-term partnership between MSA University in Cairo and University of Greenwich in London.

Since 2013, Dr. Braker has participated in several international conferences, workshops and competitions within Europe and the Middle East. Her published papers deal with spatial planning, mainly, investigating the modes of privatisation of the public realm in contrast to bottom-up initiatives to reclaim public spaces. Her research draws on a wide range of influences that affect the democratic production of a public space including the pattern of participatory actions throughout the phases of decision-making. In 2018, Dr. Braker has joined Jan Braker Architekt.

2007-11           Doctor of Philosophy in Architecture, Ph.D. -Cairo University
2001-06 Master of Sciences in Architecture, M.Sc. -Cairo University
1996-01  Bachelor of Sciences in Architecture, B.Sc. -Cairo University 
2012-13 Lecturer at Modern Sciences & Arts University-MSA
2011-13 Lecturer at the American University in Cairo-AUC
2006-11 Teaching Assistant at The American University in Cairo-AUC
2001-11  Teaching Assistant at Modern Sciences & Arts University-MSA
2001-13  Senior Responsible of the Advising and Registration procedures for students of all years
  Participated in the Upgrading & Development of the Architectural Program at MSA University
  Participated in developing the accreditation process of the dual collaboration with Greenwich University in London
2017 Invited juror in collaboration with Thessaly University. Location: Lake Kerkini, Greece
2013 Co-organizer of a multinational documentation and design exchange. Location: Tuskany, Italy
2011 Organizer in collaboration with Thessaly University, Portsaid University &MSA. Location: Portsaid, Egypt 
2010  Co-organizer in collaboration with Studio Basel- ETH (de Meuron &Herzog). Location: Cairo/Basel
2009  Participant in WS organized by Union of Mediterranean Architects (UMAR). Location: Cairo, Egypt
2007-09  Workshops with Greenwich University. Location: Cairo/London

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